What is the Church?


Essential Church I walked into Huntsville Junior High about an hour early this Sunday for Essential's first service, and the excitement had already begun. The first person I saw was Tim's aunt. I asked how things were going and how Tim seemed to be doing, and she said, "Oh everything is great, and Tim is being interviewed for the news right now."


We are not people who get interviewed for the news, so this was a little crazy.

My mom came and helped me with the kids, so I was able to walk around and really see what was going on versus having to look down at the floor and chase after two kids.

Essential Church

I really couldn't believe everything I was seeing. When Tim and I first felt God calling us to start a church in Huntsville, we said yes. We had no idea if anyone would come, where we would meet, who would be a part of it with us. We had no idea what to expect, but we couldn't deny it was what we were supposed to do.

When I walked in I saw dozens of volunteers who had been at the school since 6:30am to get everything up.

Essential Church

When I looked closer I saw our launch team. The team of people who for months have been coming to our house every Sunday night.

When I looked closer, I saw the church. A group of people who came and served with joy from 6:30am-12:30pm on a Sunday. A group of people who are loving their neighbors by setting up a place for them to come hear God's word. A group of people who then lovingly greeted everyone or happily played with kids. A group of people who then took everything back down.

Essential Church

Essential Church

Prior to Sunday, it was only our staff and our launch team. We could not have had a service without them. I'm so thankful for our launch team. They reminded me why we said yes to starting Essential. To love God and to love our neighbors.

To be the church.

Essential Church