An Update On All The Things

Summer has been my favorite season since I was a child. I enjoy staying up late, never knowing what day or time it is, and living off of watermelon and popsicles.

This summer looked a little different with the addition of baby Zoe. The pace of life with a newborn somehow slows you down, but also flies by at the same time. That's exactly how this summer felt. 

 We're all so in love with little Zoe. Especially her big sisters!

Zoe Newborn-Zoe Newbornwith kids-0018.jpg

This summer brought about other big changes for us. I started writing for a website called A Wife Like Me, and I signed contract with a literary agent for a book I'm working on. She has sent it out to publishers, and we're in a season of prayer and waiting as we wait to hear back from them.

If you want to read some of my recent posts from A Wife Like Me, you can find those here:



And one more fun thing happened this summer! I opened an Etsy shop! One thing I feel God speaking very clearly to me about is the calling on my life to continue writing as a ministry.  As with any ministry, there are monthly expenses required to keep it running properly. This Etsy shop will serve as a way of financially supporting this website. 

You can visit the etsy shop by clicking here




What's coming next:

Starting this Friday, I will be interviewing some exciting women around the country each week who are much wiser than me in the areas of parenthood, ministry, and motherhood. You definitely don't want to miss these interviews! 

If there is a question about something you are dealing with in your life you would like for me to ask someone in one of these areas for a future interview, please email me and I will make sure to add it! 

Looking forward to this next season together!



Kristin Milner