Books to Read Your Daughter with Anxiety

One of the hardest parts pf parenthood so far has been learning how to help our daughter who struggles with anxiety. She was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when she was five, and we have been working very closely with counselors and a team of professions every since.

My husband and I also see a counselor. Each time we tell him certain situations we have with our kids, he gives us the same basic advice. Their fears and anxieties are going to manifest in different ways at different stages. However, the foundations they can turn to for guidance should never change. He always guides us to teach them how to re-direct back to what the Bible says and how they can relate it to their life.

Over the years, we have found several different ways to do this. We teach them scripture through songs. My husband talks with them about the highs and lows of their days and how we can find God in the highs and the lows. And one of my favorite things to do with them is read through these books.

While reading through these, they see they are not alone in daily situations they are going through-whether at school, on the playground, or struggling to find friends. This Bible Belle series helps young girls understand how to relate these Bible stories to the hard things they are facing each day. It also helps them communicate words they didn’t know how to say before reading the books.

Bible Belles:  Heroes for Her!

Reading through the Bible Belle series has been a great way for our daughter to learn how to apply the Bible to her life. We started with Hannah, The Belle of Prayer. In fact, we did a summer Princess Camp and learned what it means to be a princess from a Biblical standpoint, and we used this book as our main resource.

Bible Belles Bundle

If you would like to check out these books, make sure to click on the images above to visit the Bible Belle website. This blog will receive a small commission from any books purchased.

What books have you found helpful for your daughters?

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