Interview Friday- Interview With Pastor Tim Milner

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If you know my husband Tim, you know he has a great morning quiet time routine. He has been successful at being consistent with his morning routine for several years now. As someone who struggles with getting up early, I wanted Tim to share his morning routines habits and secrets. He has some great things to share

Q. In three sentences or less, tell us about yourself

I am the husband of Kristin Milner. I'm also the Lead Pastor of Essential Church in Huntsville, Alabama.


Q. What would you say are the essentials to a great morning routine?

1. Make it enjoyable. It shouldn't feel like torture most of the time.

2. If you're doing it right, it will be the best (or among the best) part of your day.

3. Generally, the earlier the better. You've got to get your evening responsibilities taken care of. And most people need 8 hours of sleep consistently. With that said, the earlier you can wake up the better. I've found going to bed at 9:30PM and waking up at 5:30AM is ideal for most people. It will take practice, but up at 5:30AM seem a reasonable, realistic time for most people to wake up. 


Q. What do you do on the mornings you absolutely do not want to wake up early?

On the worst days, get up and do at least something! For example, if I typically spend 2 hours reading and praying. I'll do 30 minutes. If I'm still exhausted after that (and a cup of coffee), I'll give myself permission to go sleep for the remaining 90 minutes. It usually means either a) I went to bed too late or b) my routine is not enjoyable.

Q. What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who desires to wake up early but struggles to establish their own morning routine?

The people who are the best at what they do almost always wake up early and have a solid morning routine. f you're fine being average and achieving average things, then I guess do whatever you want. But if you want to run the race in a way to win, you're going to have to do some non-average things like waking up early. 


Q. What resources/books would you suggest to new Christians who are wanting to start morning routine?

While not a Christian book, one that has been helpful in this area is "The Power of Full Engagement."

Where can we find you for more great advice?


Kristin Milner