Life Around the Table

I got our table early one morning at a neighborhood yard sale. I bought it with intentions to fix it up.  When I first purchased it, I didn't realize how beat up it was. It was 6:30 am and I was just so excited that I found a table with six chairs for $40.

Tim went and picked up the table, and once he unloaded it, everyone present was wondering why I bought this table. Although it was only $40, it needed a lot of work.  It had large indentions and deep scratches all over the top. The chairs needed upholstering.  And then there was that inch or two of wood that was completely chipped off of the top.

There were several discussions about why I should not waste my time with this table.  Days of discussions. This ended in a final sit down meeting (think intervention) discussing why I shouldn't fix up the table.

I couldn't put my feelings into words at the time, but I loved that this table already had so much life that had been lived around it.

I also had a very specific idea of what I wanted my kitchen table to look like, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could fix it.

I approached the intervention team and let them know I decided to move forward with refinishing the table, and everyone was super supportive.  They even bought me the tools I needed to do the job.

I decided to sand the top of the table down completely and start new. As I began sanding, it was sad to see all of the deep scratches being erased.  These scratches were someone's memories, someone's life at one time.

This table has had a lot of people around it. Tables don't get scratches like this from having routine, quiet dinners. This table has had life lived at it. I would love to know some of the stories behind the scratches.  I imagine it has endured family game nights, Friday night diners with friends, and holiday family get-togethers.

I sanded away these scratches and started new.

Now it's our turn to put deep scratches in this table.  It's our turn to raise our kids around this table; to have them draw on it, and spill milk and paint and everything else all over it. It's our turn to invite others over and share our life with them.  It's our turn to have life lived at this table.

When Jesus was doing his earthly ministry, he didn't have his own table. However, we know he asked to go into the homes of others- usually those not accepted by society because to their sins- so he could sit at theirs. (Luke 19)

Our table is my favorite thing about our home.   Not because of how it looks, but because of what all it is used for.

The best way to experience life around your table is to invite others to come in and have a seat.

In our homes, around our table.  This is where true life takes place.

How are you using your table?