Want Help Getting Organized?

Happy November!!

I’m so excited my first e-book is out! Just in time for the Holidays! If you are looking to get more organized this holiday season, this e-book is just what you need! Below is what all comes with the book, and chapter summaries!

What comes with the e-book?

  • a proven monthly meal plan. 14 Easy Recipes PLUS the shopping list!

  • Free Printables!

  • Freezer Meal Plan

  • Family Vision Guide

  • Simple Guide to Declutter and Get Organized!


Chapter Summary:

Why Get Organized

Do we really need to get organized? Yes! This chapter focuses on the importance and benefits of working towards organization, even if we are naturally unorganized.

Family Vision Statement

If we want to stay organized and focused, we must understand what our family priorities are. What are our long term visions and goals for out family? Are the daily choices we are making today reflecting how we really want to live the rest of our life?

This chapter includes a printable with questions for you and your family to review together to make your own family vision statement!

Too Much of a Good Thing

Do we need everything we have? Do we enjoy everything we are committed to? Or would it lighten our load to simplify. Let’s take a look at how to un-clutter some things!

This chapter includes proven tips to help you declutter, simplify and get organized!

Systems That Work

Toy bin guides, recipes, freezer meals and more!

This chapter includes printables with 14 easy meals, recipes and the shopping list! It also includes a printable with 4 easy freezer meals and recipes!

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